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Member: NicoleBin
Member: stumpedia, age 41, male
Location: New Jersey USA
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Member: mulberry, age 56, female
Location: Indiana, USA
Female with a fairly large knowledge base regarding health care topics, mananagement, and popular tech products. I'm looking forward to adding my knowledge to help others and learn more about Stumpedia.
Member: vbright, age 55, female
Location: Nebraska
Freelance Writer, avid reader, way too much to put into a little rectangle
Member: gramabarb, age 76, female
Location: Canada*
Member: JaguarJulie, age 64, female
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Blogger, Prolific Author, Writer, Photographer, Designer, Brand Ambassador, Style Master, Conceptualizer, Marketer and an European Traveler Enthusiast. Reach for the Stars ... and be the best that YOU can be! Authored >800 Lenses. Squidoo :: Giant Squid 100 Club Charter Member 2007; Squid Angel Emeritus; 2008 Giant Squid of the Year; LOTD 5x; Stuffed Cabbage :: 2008 Best Cooking Lens, Purple Stars, #1 Lens Overall.
Member: dopple, age 32, male
Location: Dunfermline, Scotland
Member: dsletten, female
Location: Northern City, USA
I am a writer and enjoy researching many subjects. I have also written two novels which can be viewed at my website: Thanks for visiting!
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